SVXLINK Custom tcl scripts

In this page i will gather customized tcl scripts what i have done.

Identification as CW / Play randomly

This will change your identification to be random cw or talk the ID of your repeater. be sure you check playMsg to $mycall, as i do have custom one there.

# Executed when a long identification (e.g. hourly) should be sent
#   hour    – The hour on which this identification occur
#   minute  – The hour on which this identification occur
proc send_long_ident {hour minute} {
  global mycall;
  global loaded_modules;
  global active_module;
  variable CFG_TYPE;
  variable randomi;

  playSilence 2000;
  playMsg “Core” “the_time_is”;
  playSilence 500;
  playTime $hour $minute;
  playSilence 1000;
  set randomi [expr {int(rand()*(2-1+1)+1)}];
  if { $randomi == 1 } {
        CW::play $mycall 120 700 -25
     } else {
        playMsg “Default” “oh1dmra2”;