Riku’s Bedini motor

My bedini motor version 2.

i posted some pictures, i will post later some measurements about motor when i get smaller batteries to test it.

home made coiling system:
[zoomer]119|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer] [zoomer]118|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]120|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer] [zoomer]121|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]104|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

Bedini motor with synchronized coils all masters:

[zoomer]105|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]106|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]107|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]108|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]111|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

Bedini motor with unsynchronized coils:

[zoomer]110|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]109|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]113|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]112|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]114|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]117|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]116|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]115|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]

[zoomer]126|150|0| |0|0[/zoomer]


7 thoughts on “Riku’s Bedini motor

  1. Hey, very nice work, found your Bedini site via the Pirate Galaxy game also a very good site.
    I will keep on follow your sites.

    Was it difficult to build the rpm meter out of your old calculator? i have almost the same calcultor, is it something i can do myself?
    Im not an electro guru like you but i have some skills..

    Best regards

  2. hi thanks,

    you need sold 2 wires to button =
    then you need reed relay and use that on system. its easy

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