Use radioddity and other radio codeplugs in linux command line

While browsing internet today i found this nice project called DMRCONFIG

Its suppose read/write codeplugs to GD77 or tyt radios.. as reading page i decided right away go test it.
To install i just run this commands:

apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev libudev-dev
git clone
cd dmrconfig
make -j4
#optionally do make install, or manual copy bin file to /opt

After install i took my Radiodditty GD-77 and TYT MD 2017 typed command dmrconfig -r -t well it worked seamless, i was using C.H.I.P as linux computer.

here some pictures while reading codeplug. i havent tried writing any codeplug yet.. but it should work.

uusi sivu, miten yhdistetään local toistimeen hotspotista

tässä on lyhyesti kerrottu miten saat openspot tai mmdvm/pi-star laitteen yhdistettyä porin 70cm hybridi toistimeen


SVXLINK talk Finnish language

Created this Finnish wav files for svxlink sound (suomi svxlink äänitiedostot)
I used google cloud for creating the sounds. also found alot missing files on svxlink github files.
This should work on 2018 year version just fine.
This is part our repeater.

im about to share it later! the audiofiles.
there is a video about it: