Use radioddity and other radio codeplugs in linux command line

While browsing internet today i found this nice project called DMRCONFIG

Its suppose read/write codeplugs to GD77 or tyt radios.. as reading page i decided right away go test it.
To install i just run this commands:

apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev libudev-dev
git clone
cd dmrconfig
make -j4
#optionally do make install, or manual copy bin file to /opt

After install i took my Radiodditty GD-77 and TYT MD 2017 typed command dmrconfig -r -t well it worked seamless, i was using C.H.I.P as linux computer.

here some pictures while reading codeplug. i havent tried writing any codeplug yet.. but it should work.