vnc server to linux

Quick guide to install vnc server into your vps or linux machine


sudo apt install xvfb x11vnc blackbox

after that edit file vncserver.bash

nano vncserver.bash

killall Xvfb
killall x11vnc
export DISPLAY=:1
Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1200x720x16 &

sleep 2

blackbox &
x11vnc -nap -noxdamage -nopw -display :1 -shared -forever -bg -listen yourip10.0.0.x -repeat -rfbport 5900 &

Then just chmod 755 vncserver.bash and start it. remember replace your ip to right one.

For blackbox config edit file .blackboxrc and change line
session.menuFile:       /home/riku/.blackbox/menu

then create a menu file nano /home/riku/.blackbox/menu

[begin] (b l a c k b o x )
[exec] (XTERM MUSTA) {xterm -bg black -fg white}
[nop] ()
[submenu] (terminals) {terminals}
[exec] (XTERM MUSTA) {xterm -bg black -fg white}
[exec] (Eterm) {Eterm -x -0 --trans --scrollbar=off --buttonbar 0 --geometry 79x35+13+495 --font-fx none -f lightgrey}
[exec] (aterm) {aterm -tr -bg black -fg lightgrey -fn 7x14 -fb 7x14 +vb +sb -geometry 79x32+13+495}
[exec] (gterm) {gnome-terminal}
[exec] (xterm) {xterm -ls}
[submenu] (internet) {}
[exec] (firefox) {firefox}
[nop] ()
[workspaces] (workspace list)
[config] (configuration)
[nop] ()
[submenu] (startup) {}
[exec] (gnome-settings-daemon ) {gnome-settings-daemon &}
[exec] (conky) {conky &}
[exec] (Esetroot) {Esetroot .blackbox/backgrounds/Complex_2.jpg}
[exec] (wmbutton) {wmbutton &}
[exec] (wmweather) {wmweather -w -s KROC &}
[exec] (wmcpuload ) {wmcpuload &}
[exec] (wmclock) {wmclock -12 -led white &}
[nop] ()
[reconfig] (reconfigure)
[restart] (restart) {}
[exit] (exit)