Destiny of Shell2 Freeshell server

Many people have been noticed, that shell2 freesheel server is down.

YES, That is correct. Power is not connected to server at this moment. It’s only need to power on, and that is working after that.

There is lot of people who have user account there, maybe those want shell back online? i don’t know how much use that server have, so i have shutdown server last year.

But now you can leave a comment about this here! And tell your opinion about this. What more people is interested, then I’m
more interested to put it back up and running! all depends you, users. And i maybe need some help about it..

There is also new Titanix main server, to there is out of question new user accounts. Shell2 is more for non known users.
IRC is also running at channel #TITANIX for titanix talks, also #WLAN for Titanix WLAN network talks. and #placex for Finnish talk 😀

pictures of server:

hpim0240.jpg hpim0239.jpg

you may take a look post:

EDIT2 20.4.2007:
I tried to start shell2, but there was an error, the /home hard disk does not spin up.. i don’t know what is the problem, but looks like the hard disk has broken? no use has brooked hard disk, that is very lol.