Getting automated WiFi AP working on NanoHOTSpot / pi-star with 8188eu device

EDIT! Pi-star has on latest image autoap support, use this script only if you have 8188eu wifi device.

Recently someone asked on Facebook about automated ap, I was surprised how people are not aware the system is Linux and there can basically do everything if have knowledge.

I have done this scripts what can be installed on pi-star by only one command!

1. You log in to NanoHotspot (or mmdvmpistar device)

2. then type the command:  wget -O - | bash


Something good to know

Basically, the script works right away after reboot, no need config anything.
Default ssid is pistar and unencrypted wifi, you can set password by editing /home/pi-star/hostapd.conf on your home directory.
There is an existing firewall on pi-star, /etc/firewall.rules
The hotspot can be used as wifi-router if use an LTE/4G Dongle.
Scripts will only execute you don’t have a range for any known WiFI.
This is only a tool to help lazy people. don’t expect to bring a miracle to your hotspot 🙂

Here is the video how to install:

de OH1E

for more detailed information check this links: