OwnCloud 9.1 Slow upload speed fix

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Recent i moved owncloud server, also i changed from hubic to amazon as backend space provider. Now i have unlimited diskspace on owncoud using s3ql filesystem top of amazon.

But anyways, i run into tuning problems. after alot setting changes i managed to fix the upload/download speeds. My problem […]

Titanix siirtyy

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Titanix siirto uudelle palvelimelle menossa, joten tietokannan takia testaan ääkkösiä toimiiko:





Kaikki vanhat postaukset, ääkköset ei tule näkymään oikeen. taistelun jälkeen en saannu niitä toimimaan, joten mennään näin.



Doing ownCloud with almost unlimited disk space.

Im about to write shortly how is possible to do an ownCloud.

Many of us think where do i store my pictures and stuff? off-course on clouds, using mobile-devices and upload there is normal on these days.

What if i tell about a way to do this some way to get alot cheap space?


Good cheap CLOUD storage up to 10T best cloud storage service

HUBIC Good backup space, works linux/mobile/windows/etc

I have been using now about a year hubic cloud storage, it will give free 25Gig space for you. (been using free plan)

If you want more space, it will cost 50€ for a year or 5€/month for 10T. What makes cheapest cloud ever.

Hubic is part of […]