More water to bats

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Haha today put more water to batterys, it took abit over 10liters  to fill em from min to max 🙂

It seems need maintanence at least once a year, now they are on low use, they consume alot water, on float voltages 🙂

If anyone has technical specs […]

China post bring Mail!

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2 x LCD screen SPI /i2c interface.

One charger/voltage DC-DC step-down converter






This LCD screens are part of my project creating a homemade KWh meter, ill be connecting arduino to raspberry pi, reason i need arduino is […]

Good cheap CLOUD storage up to 10T best cloud storage service

HUBIC Good backup space, works linux/mobile/windows/etc

I have been using now about a year hubic cloud storage, it will give free 25Gig space for you. (been using free plan)

If you want more space, it will cost 50€ for a year or 5€/month for 10T. What makes cheapest cloud ever.

Hubic is part of […]

LG FLATRON L22ETG-WF Repair / Mod to LED back-light

Doing this post as English to other ppl understand as well.


Okey i have this LG lcd screen what i repaired, there is switching power supply the caps, there was 5 of them what needed to change, there is plenty of instructions how-to change on this unit the parts, so im not going […]

Bedini motor pictures

The Bedini motor have own page.

today posted a new vid to youtube

Happy new year 2008!

Filmed at Pori , Finland. fireworks

Net Line (internet)

Now we have a new line (internet). A fast symmetric line gives more speed, and own ip-block with enough ip:s to get network easily running 🙂 Now should work without 8080 port.

Now users can start rent server places from our racks or server places, or take a fast WLAN internet connection from (Finland)Pori […]

Destiny of Shell2 Freeshell server

Many people have been noticed, that shell2 freesheel server is down.

YES, That is correct. Power is not connected to server at this moment. It’s only need to power on, and that is working after that.

There is lot of people who have user account there, maybe those want shell back online? i don’t know […]